12 October, 2014

It doesn't help

Haven't been shooting for leisure, for myself for the loooongest time.
I'm not referring to shooting for clients
I'm not referring to walking around and snapping with iphone
I'm not referring to oversea travelling and taking photos of all the interesting things you see
I'm referring to specific planning, travel to a unconventional place, embracing the weather, carrying a tripod if required, position yourself at a uncomfortable angle and take a photo you had a visual of in your mind.
(Actually I have never been so 'hardworking' as stated but you get the drift)

Suddenly, I wish I have done it
I feel tired to drag my feet to do the above, but it is now than I realised, I feel even more fatigue for not doing it.

01 January, 2014


Me @ Mt Kinabalu 2011

Its been a while..
2014 slowly arrived without announcing
And automatically, everyone frantically starts making new year resolutions that never works
Regret to say I'm one of them
But I am happy to have sorted out my new year resolution and bucket list on the first day of 2014.
Now time to collect some tick-off

Ps: woah, now image can embed gif snow in blogger? must have tons of stuff i have missed.

11 May, 2013

Random images of Myanmar

Its been ages since I last shoot for personal (Not including snap shoots of food/friends/misc), the last photography trip is Myanmar till now. Really take my hat off for those carrying camera everywhere they go or wake up super early to set tripod in reservoirs. Will try to shoot for leisure in time to come (Although chances is quite slim).